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Raw Components


Dry Mix Plant «3С»

Dry mixes of «Composite Cellular Concrete» («3C») are produced at plants designed, manufactured and put into operation by our engineers and technicians.

The engineering team of «3С» Technology develops each project on individual basis, taking in consideration the specific local conditions, theavailability of raw materials, the needs and requirements of the client. Each production plant for «3С» is unique technically, as well as technologically.

The offer includes:

  • steel work;
  • mechanical equipment;
  • finished product unit;
  • compressed air supply;
  • electric and electronic equipment, automated control system;
  • laboratory equipment for incoming and outgoing quality control;
  • R&D in raw material selection and suitability assessment;
  • supervision of installation;
  • right to use the trademark;
  • right to use the technology;
  • training in production technology;
  • guaranteed round-the-clock technical support;

The customer can acquire exclusive territory rights to produce aerated «3С» concrete. *
* the exclusive territory shall be discussed and defined on an individual basis; the number of facilities within the exclusive territory is not limited; the rights remain effective while the facility (facilities) operate within the above territory.

The offer does not include:

  • foundation work;
  • connection to off-site utility systems;
  • construction of the plant building;
  • interior finishing and improvements for office space; office equipment;
  • site improvements;

The time and place of delivery of the «3С» dry mix production plant, terms of payment and other obligations of the parties are specified separately for each contract.

Guaranteed supply of the component for production of «3С» dry mix («3С» additives in a form of fine powder: 10 kg of the additive per 1 ton of dry mix).

«3С» Precast Wall Panels Production Line

We are also happy to inform that our technology for precast wall panels from aerated «3С» concrete is successfully used in construction, enhancing the quality and increasing economic efficiency of structural elements in terms of thermal and sound insulation as well as strength characteristics of the building.

In this case, aerated «3С» concrete can be used in construction throughout the year; thus, the «3С» dry mix production plant can operate at full capacity during wintertime.

Equipment includes:

  • steelwork;
  • mechanical equipment;
  • compressed air supply;
  • electric and electronic equipment, automated control system;

* this production line functions using «3С» dry mix and can't operate without «3С» dry mix plant

Raw Components For Dry Mix Plant

Raw materials for the production of «3С» concrete dry mix are cement, slag, fly ash, sand and other different siliceous fills (finely comminuted), organic additives, polymers, pigments, waste products from the petrochemical industry and special additives.

The net price of 1 ton of dry mix depends on the components prices at your local market and availability of raw materials. Only additives are supplied by our company, the rest of the components is responsibility of the plant operator. Our company determines the best components at your territory and prepares the additives speficially for each case.

From 1 ton of dry mix can be obtained different densities and volumes:

Density, kg/m³ 200 300 400 500 600
Volume from 1 ton of dry mix, m³ 5 3.3 2.5 2 1.6
Strength, mPa, no less 0.2 0.4 0.6 1.5 2.0
Water/solid ratio 1 0.9 0.8 0.7 0.6
Dry Mix Plant Equipment

The price of the ready-to-use «3С» dry mix depends on the prices for local raw materials. The plant output depends on the customer’s needs. The minimum capacity is 5 tons per hour. We can design and build a plant outdoors (utilities and electricity supply are required) or we can install it in the existing building.

1 ton of dry mix requires 10 kg of additives.

The production plant of «3С» dry mix includes:

  • source storage of components;
  • transport system of «3С» components;
  • mixing the components;
  • mechanical activation;
  • transport, storage, packaging and loading «3С» dry mix;
  • supply system of air and technical air;
  • dedusting system and air purification;
  • full automation of the complex with the output to a single management screen;